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About the Designer

What can I say that isn't the normal reasoning to invest into oneself? 

My vision is to step away from the repetitive trend of fashion. I am naturally an artistic individual and was taught the craft of sewing by my mother at a young age; however, I didn't utilize this skill for years. My first project was a simple; yet, unique clutch/purse because I wanted something outside of the known brand purses. I'm not saying I don't love any of their products but let be honest, we all are carry a replica of a purse because there are hundreds of copies. My thoughts was to create something that will be one of a kind, or the only of it’s kind. 

I utilize old jeans; rather tore, wore and/or simple unable to fit then making something new, fun, and better. I LOVE purses and I often change the to coordinate with my outfit. Also, I LOVE denim and vibrant African prints; therefore, many of my items will be line with a vibrant prints to give a burst of joy when looking inside your bag. I enjoy creating fashionable accessories and want to share my vision with the world. 

Each items are made with love and met to bless you while you ROCK CNP design. WE all should embrace our inner and outer beatify because we are fearfully and wonderfully made. (Psalms 139:14)

Happy shopping and thank you for allowing ClutchNPearls to be a part of you fashion collection.